We can service most makes and models of acoustic grand or upright piano. No "square grands" or player pianos serviced at this time.

A sampling of pianos we've serviced:

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Some of our common charges include the following:

Basic Piano Tuning - $130

Our technicians will expertly tune your piano to itself, allowing you to make beautiful in-tune music again. Plan for about 1.5 hours.

Correction - $130

Sometimes pianos get really out of tune, requiring a "rough pass" to get everything in the ballpark before it can get a basic tuning.

Call - $85

This is only applied for repairs and estimations and includes the first 30 minutes of labor. Not combined with other charges.

Appraisals - $85

We can assign an accurate value to your instrument for either private sale, replacement costs, etc.

Hourly Rate - $85

On-site hourly rate.

Call us today at 865-637-2663 to schedule a service appointment!